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In accordance with the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated April 3, 2020 No. 204 “On Advanced Training on the Issues of Technical and (or) Cryptographic Protection of Information”, the Republican Unitary Enterprise “National Center for Traffic Exchange” (hereinafter - RUE “NTsOT”) organizes June 2020 refresher courses in the field of education "Information Security" (according to the license of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus).

So, on the basis of a license, RUE “NTsOT” can carry out advanced training in the following profiles and areas of education:

education profile of “Security Services”: directions of education “State Security” and “Information Security”;

education profile "Technics and Technologies": areas of education "Computer Science and Computer Engineering" and "Communication";

Education profile “Natural sciences”: direction of education “Natural sciences”;

Education Profile “Communications. Right. Economy. Control. Economics and organization of production ”: directions of education“ Communications ”,“ Law ”,“ Economics ”,“ Management ”.

Further training for specialists who ensure the protection of information and information resources of information systems and networks in 2020 will be carried out under the following training programs:

“Information Technology Security” (76 hours);

“Security of corporate information networks” (76 hours);

“Information Security in Corporate Systems” (76 hours);

“Information Security Administrator” (76 hours);

“Audit, risk management and information security incident management” (76 hours);

“Basic countermeasures to cyberthreats. Part 1 "(76 hours).

For heads of organizations and services, as well as specialists not related to information protection, but related to information technology, further training will be carried out according to the continuing education curriculum “Fundamentals of Information Technology Security” (36 hours).


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